Gaby's Surgery ~ A Success!

Gaby's on TV!

Gaby was featured on the Emergency Vet's show on the Animal Planet channel in February and March, 2001.

Gaby has had the surgery needed to correct her deformed jaw. The surgery was performed in late June and she was able to go home a few days later. Gaby's mom has shared some pictures of her as she recovered from her surgery. It must have been quite an operation...part of one of her ribs was used to reconstruct the jaw, and some titanium mesh was used as well, so this is definitely a high tech lady! Here she is just a few days after the surgery, before the swelling had gone down completely
Here are two pictures that show the incision on her side, where the section of rib was removed for the reconstruction. I'll bet she can't wait for her beautiful, silky coat to grow back in.
Gaby can now close her mouth.Before the surgery, her lower jaw just hung down, with lots of drooling! She also had been so accustomed to having her tongue hanging out that it took a while for her to learn that she could hold it in her mouth.
Here's Gaby, eating her first meal at home after her surgery. Now she is able to eat normally...she used to have to kind of scoop up the food from the side...And some other changes for Gaby, too. Before the surgery, it took her 20 minutes to it takes only 5 minutes. According to her mom, "She is now yawning with her mouth wide open! It dawned on me that I'd never seen her yawn before. She has also started making more sounds, she even startled herself with a bark! She could do this before the surgery but I have a feeling she just feels more comfortable with me and her surroundings now."
Gaby the starlet!...the crew of the Emergency Vets show on Animal Planet filmed her and she is was featured on one of the episodes. Here she is with the camera crew and with Jennifer, Dr. Taylor's assistant, on the day she went home after her surgery.
As you might expect, this high tech veterinary care is expensive...Gaby's mom initially expected that this surgery would cost about $1500, but because of the special equipment and the titanium mesh that was used, it ended up costing a bit over $2000. (and that's with a special discount that the clinic gave...) In her mom's opinion, "Gaby certainly is my million dollar girl, and worth every penny!"
Here are some pictures of Gaby, now fully recovered from her surgery. She looks great!
gaby and friend gaby
Updated 1/28/01


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