STCA Rescue Workers Toolkit

Welcome to the STCA Rescue Toolkit!

This is a private and unofficial web site which includes information that is designed to help STCA members who are involved with the rescue of a Silky Terrier.

Our purpose is not to burden rescuers with policies and forms, but to provide information. We hope this site will be a resource to those STCA members involved in rescue. We want to encourage and support you in this important activity and make it as easy as possible for you to help silkys in need.

Please explore this site and give us your feedback...What could we add that would help you with rescue? What is not clear or confusing? Send your feedback to me, Cheryl Morgavan, at or call me at 219-322-7719.

STCA Rescue Program Policy

STCA Adoption Contract

Owner Release Form

Laura's Supplemental Questions

Laura's Adoption Process Letter

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