Silky Terrier Club of America

Rescue Policy and Guidelines

The intent of rescue work is to promote the welfare of homeless Silky Terriers, particularly those who are lost or abandoned. It is not our policy to relieve owners or breeders of their responsibility nor is it the policy of STCA to purchase dogs from pet stores or puppy mills unless our assistance is required after intervention by a local humane organization.

If faced with a dog who has an owner known to you, assist the owner by providing names of people looking for dogs. If that isn't possible, contact the breeder and ask them to resume responsibility for the dog. If neither of these steps are productive, and taking physical custody of the animal is necessary, a signed Release Form must be obtained transferring ownership to the STCA.

In the instance of a dog found running free or rescued from a shelter, every effort must be made to find its original owner. Advertizing in the Lost and Found column of the newspaper is the most helpful and usually free. Networking works as well.

Once you take custody of the dog, begin the Case History form. The litigious atmosphere in which we live makes it necessary to have documentation for dogs we rescue. This applies only to situations where you act as agent for the STCA. When acting as an individual you may not feel the need to be as cautious.

The dog should be taken to a veterinarian for a complete physical exam and temperament testing; heartworm testing should be performed if indicated. If the animal is found to be physically and mentally sound, it should be vaccinated and spayed or neutered. The dog should be carefully groomed, as close to the Standard as possible. If a home is not immediately available, a foster home or boarding kennel should be found. Veterinarians and kennels are often willing to negotiate reduced fees for rescued dogs.

When you find a prospective owner for the dog, complete the Rescue Placement Sheet and have the individual fill out the Adoption Application. A reasonable price for any rescued dog is $150. This should cover any expenses incurred in preparing the dog for placement.

All requests for reimbursement should be made to the regional Rescue Committee member who will submit them to the STCA Treasurer. These requests are best made early in the process of rescuing the dog. Final requests for reimbursement must be accompanied by copies of the bills and any completed paperwork. We have limited resources available through the Richard Hammond Memorial Rescue Fund and it is our responsibility to manage our expenses wisely.

Archives of the STCA rescue program will be maintained by the Rescue Committee Chairperson, who is directly responsible to the President and the Treasurer. The Chair person must also make his/her name, address and telephone number available to the AKC for their National Breed Club Rescue Network.

Regional Rescue Committee members are requested to keep a list of prospective owners and a second list of people willing to provide foster homes. It is wise, as well, to develop a collaborative relationship with a veterinarian sympathetic to rescue work.

Rev. 1/97

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