Silk and Kashmir ~ in Illinois

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Silk Prince Silk Carson, who responds to the name "Silk", is six years old, weighs 11 pounds, and has a beautiful black and tan coat. Silk is basically a shy dog. He loves the affections of his owners, but when around other dogs he tends to stay to himself. He likes to take naps during the day but he’s not a lazy dog. Silk only barks when he wants something or while protecting the house (from the window). He enjoys looking out the windows and taking his daily walks. Silk has a very high IQ; he can easily figure out what you want from him. Silk is the leader of the two dogs. Silk has been neutered. He’s housetrained and crate-trained, and all of his shots are up to date.
Prince Kashmir Star, who responds to the name of "Kashmir",is five years old, weighs 19 pounds, and has an attractive tan and silver coat. Kashmir is an alpha dog and will completely dominate a lesser dog. Kashmir is very obedient, and enjoys letting his owner know that the mail has arrived. He is very affectionate, and loves to be around people. Kashmir is always in a good mood (except when it’s nail clipping time) and has a very healthy appetite. Kashmir is the most cunning of the two dogs; he’ll take Silks’ food if his people don't watch him. Kashmir has also been neutered, trained, and all of his shots are up to date. Kashmir
Silk and Kashmir's owner is very reluctant to give up her dogs, but her current situation doesn’t allow her to keep them. She says, "It is my hope that the new owners will love my dogs and give them the loving home environment they have grown to love." If you are interested in adopting Silk and Kashmir, or either dog, please email Ann at For the protection of these Silkys, there will be an adoption fee of $100 for each dog. They are currently located in the Evanston, Illinois area. A local placement is preferred.

If you are interested in adopting one or both of these two lovely dogs, please note that you will be dealing directly with their owner and not with STCA Rescue.

Posted 9/10/06
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