Romeo ~ in Indianapolis

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Romeo This is Romeo. He's about 2 and a half years old. Romeo was one of the puppymill Silkys that we rescued last summer. Romeo is a lovely little fellow. These pictures are a few months old...he has more hair now, but he was handsome even when his hair was shaved down!

Romeo has learned some obedience commands and is doing very well. When he was first rescued, he was so un-socialized that he would run away from people. Now, he will not run away even if you lean down to him. Romeo does enjoy the company of other small dogs, as that is how he grew up. He is housebroken as long as you are there to let him out and his foster mom & dad are working on getting him to go potty when he is on the leash.

Romeo's new family will be expected to sign a contract agreeing to provide proper care for him. There will be a $200 adoption fee for Romeo. Preference will be given to applicants within the surrounding area. Please note that we do not ship our rescues.

Romeo If you are interested in Romeo, please fill out an application and mention his name. The application is on-line at If you have already filled out an application, it is not necessary to re-do it...just email us at and let us know you are interested in Romeo (please include your name and state so we can find your application in our files).
Silky Terrier Rescue Charitable Trust
Posted 2/15/09
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