The Rainbow Heart Pin

in memory of buddy
A precious tiny soul now rests peaceful at an angel's knee.

It's not where I wanted him, but its where God wanted him to be.

It seems he was here but for a moment, like a shining shooting star,

And though he's waiting near the Bridge I feel he really isn't far.

He touched the hearts of so many and he made our spirits sing,

Renewing our hope, faith and trust in the magic love can bring.

So I send this special message to all our friends waiting above,

Please welcome dear Buddy and tell him we send him all our love.

is now being offered
to help raise funds to support the Silky Terrier Rescue efforts
of The Silky Terrier Club Of America.

This special pin was designed for all of us with a dear friend waiting at the

The significance of

The Circle of Life
Inspired by our native friends, the outside circle
represents all dogs and all people
The Center of Life
The heart is the center of life, the home and the soul.
The Rainbow Bridge
The rainbow pays homage to the poem "Rainbow Bridge"
and all it means, the quiet comfort it assures.
The Golden Paw Print
As if the head of a rainbow comet, the golden paw print evokes thoughts of
angel's heavenly rise, for us and all the dogs, regardless of breed or mix
, we have loved and have temporarily been separated from.
The word "Always"
The word "ALWAYS" is a quiet confirmation that,
despite physical separation, we are never really apart.

is 1 inch in diameter cloisonne with military pin back.

Proceeds from the sale of this pin go into The Silky Terrier Club Of America's
Silky Terrier Rescue Funds to aid their ongoing rescue efforts
for Silky Terriers in need.

The Silky Terrier Rescue Fund is used to help pay the costs involved in these volunteer rescue efforts. Such expenses include transportation of rescued dogs to foster homes, medical treatments and spay & neutering fees.

Your support of this effort is greatly appreciated!

To order your

please contact:

Silky Terrier Rescue Fund

The price is $10.00 Per Pin
(US Funds)

Please understand these special pins are stocked & available in limited quantities.
Any back orders will be filled as quickly as inventory supplies can be replenished.

The Rainbow Heart Memorial Pins
Design concept and idea by Tom Kee

Original Rainbow Heart Pin Web Page and Graphics
by Joan Edwards

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