Popples~ Michigan

Looking for a Home

Hi!! My name is Popples - please adopt me and change my name!! Well, actually, I guess it isn't too bad. I am a 2 year old neutered male living in Michigan who was tied to a doorknob so that the zillions of kids in the apt could play without getting in my way, or vice-versa. Although my owner didn't have any children of her own, I apparently didn't care much for all the ones that were running around my house....so no children under 12 would make me very happy.

I am up to date - finally - on my vaccines and recently neutered. Of course, being tied to a door, I am not all that well housebroken, however my foster is working on that and she tells me I am doing very well. I am a very smart little guy, so don't really think this will be a problem.

I like to sound off to my people, really don't like my crate at all and if you get me really upset I will use my only defense, my teeth. However, I think that this is only because I was never taught how to be a good boy. I wasn't taught anything!! I really need some manners and am very willing to learn. I want to be a good boy and to live in a happy home with my new family, one that is not constant chaos. Can you help me out? My adoption donation is $200 and that is really reasonable considering what a handsome guy I am.

If you interested in Popples please email his foster mom Click Here

silky terrier club of america rescue program
Posted 4/8/04
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