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Sasha & Murfee
~Located In Washington~
Looking for a Home

Meet Sasha and Murfee

These two need new homes! When their owners separated there was nowhere for these two to go. They are both sweet dogs once they have bonded and trust their human. Sasha is quiet and timid. She needs reassurance and lots of patience. She tends to hide in the house when she is frightened. You will find her under the table, in the corner, or behind the toilet in the bathroom. Her foster Dad has taken it upon himself to “nurture” Sasha and she loves it! She will lie next to him on the couch for hours. She likes to be picked up and carried. She is good in the car and likes to go for walks. She is extremely shy and will take someone with lots of patience to handle her. Her Dr. said she has a “bad knee”. One was operated on five years ago, and now the other one has started to give her a little trouble. We have been giving her SAM-e and she seems to be responding very nicely to treatment. She is very smart and quick to learn. She needs to work on her potty training.

Mr. Murfee is a character. He loves to sleep in bed next to his human and will happily hop in the crate with Sasha. Just say “crate up” and he is in! Both dogs like their crate and will go in happily when you leave. Mr. Murfee needs meds for seizers. He does not require much (only a pill every 12 hrs) and the med only costs $25.00 for a six month supply. He is very happy and does bond quickly to people. He likes to lie on the couch, in a chair, he is not fussy. He runs outside, chases the birds, and keeps an eye on everyone. He sleeps next to his human in bed and enjoys being touched. That is important to him. He needs affection.

These two need someone who is experienced with the breed and willing to put forth time and energy. An older person who is at home would be best. They are companion dogs and like to be with people, they just need a person who is firm and consistent in training and is willing to give them time to settle in. It is obvious they were well loved and they miss the affection.

Sasha is nine and Murfee is eight. They can be placed together, or separately. They would be fine in a home with other dogs, but NO CATS and NO KIDS. Given the fact Sasha is so timid, a home without children would be best. The donation for Sasha or Murfee will be $100. A home check and adoption contract is required.

Preference will be given to local or in state applicants. Sasha and/or Mufee's new family will be expected to sign a contract agreeing to provide proper care for them, and there will be an adoption fee or donation as listed.

If you interested in Sasha and/or Murfee please fill out an application and mention their name. The application is on-line at If you have already filled out an application, it is not necessary to re-do it. Just email Gail at or Marge at and let them know you are interested in Sasha & Murfee (please include your name and state so we can find your application in our files).

Posted 1/26/06
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