Ruby ~ in California

Looking for a Home

Ruby is looking for her forever home. She is currently located near Fresno, Ca., in her foster home. Preference will be given to local applications.

Ruby is a spayed, 3 year old girl, who is full of energy and likes to run. Ruby is current on vaccinations and has a microchip. Ruby is looking for a loving, permanent home of her own. She needs parents that are very familiar with terrier behavior. Although she is a silky terrier and in the AKC Toy group, she doesn’t know that. She thinks she is all terrier, and loves to hunt anything that moves. Ruby absolutely CANNOT go to a home that has any other pets, she must be an only dog. This is for her safety and the safety of other animals.

Ruby does NOT like cats and will chase after them. I don’t know what would happen if she caught one, but I don’t think it would be pretty. She ‘can’ get along with other dogs at times, but will pick fights to establish dominancy whether or not she is in charge. For that reason, trips to dog parks or other doggie loose play areas should be avoided.

Ruby needs some obedience training because she doesn’t always pay attention to what you say to her. She does know how to sit, and will do just about anything for a cookie, so training shouldn’t take too long. She thinks she is an alpha, so will try to mark her territory when entering a new area.

This girl also has many important things going on, and has to stay on top of them, such as birds outside the window, bugs flying or crawling in the house, and dogs that dare tread into her territory with or without a human on a leash...the nerve of some dogs! Heaven help the creature that wanders into her path, for it will be swiftly dispatched.

She will need to wear a collar with identification tags at all times because she has been known to escape from her yard if left outside alone. She MUST go to a home with a securely fenced yard, no exceptions!

Belly rubs and ear scratches are always welcome, and she loves to cuddle up and sleep next to or on you. She also loves to go bye bye in the car, and for walks (but needs some leash training due to pulling). We currently use a harness with Ruby and she’s doing very well with it. With Ruby on guard, no one will ever sneak up on you again. ; )

Now that she has her summer hair-do, Ruby enjoys swimming and playing in water. She likes to try new foods, and is fond of cantaloupe. Please keep your garbage can secured away from Ruby or you might have a mess to clean up.

I think Ruby would love to have a job, like flyball, agility or earthdog training. She is a great jumper, hunter, and is full of energy. She also loves to play fetch with toys or balls!

Ruby gets along great with humans no matter the age, but she does play a bit rough, so please no children under 12 years old.

If you may be interested in Ruby, please email her foster mom, Laura directly at Ruby's adoption fee will be $250.

silky terrier club of america rescue program
Posted 5/29/06
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