Royston ~ in Georgia

Looking for a Home

Royston Royston came to SmallDog Rescue in terrible shape; he was filthy and suffering from severe ear infections. We are working diligently to get this sweet boy back to good health.

Royston looks like a large, long legged, silver and tan Yorkshire Terrier or Silky, but he definitely has some poodle in his background. He's about 7 years old and 17lbs.

Although visually impaired, Royston isn't limited in any way; he's very affectionate and gentle. Both of Royston's eyes were removed very recently to relieve him of the discomfort from glaucoma. Even with all he's gone through, Royston continues to be an absolute sweetheart. He may not be able to see you but he will give you kisses and happily accepts any attention he's given! Royston will need an adult only home.

Royston is being cared for by Small Dog Rescue in Georgia. (Some folks may recall that they were the folks that took care of dear Bentley, whose story was posted here.) This is a courtesy listing for our friends at Small Dog Rescue, so if you are interested in Royston, you will be working with them directly, not with our rescue group. To apply to adopt Royston, please click here to fill out their on-line application form.

Posted 9/6/06
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