Tommy - in the Des Moines, Iowa area

Looking for a Home

Tommy was a year old in October, and his owner turned him over to rescue because she was moving and could not find a place that would accept a pet. He was sold by the breeder as a Yorkie, but we think he has a silky face and could very well be a Silky/Yorkie mix. Tommy has been staying with a foster mom and dad and their four other silkys (and one silky disguised as a Golden Retriever). He has been having a great time with the other dogs! His former owner said he is great with kids (she has an 8 year old) but he is indifferent to cats.

Tommy has been neutered and is up to date on his shots. The vet says he is healthy and sound. He has a puppy cut because his hair was matted…his groomer and the vet both loved him!

We would like to find a home with a fenced yard. Tommy is not great on the leash and he is a very efficient digger and he loves to run, so his new family will have to watch him and definitely do some training. His foster mom and dad are great dog trainers and they feel Tommy is very smart and definitely trainable. Tommy is also very affectionate and would make a great lapdog for some lucky person or family. He seems to be housetrained, though he is using the doggie door at his foster home and we don't know how he would do in a home without a doggie door.

Posted 12/1/02
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