TJ ~ in Oxford, NC

Looking for a Home

TJ is a silky terrier/cairn terrier mix who is about 20 lbs and 11 months old. His current owners realized that they can't give him all the attention he deserves. He has been well taken care of with all the necessary vaccinations already completed. He is on heartworm prevention (interceptor), given the 1st of every month. He was neutered at about seven months of age and is housebroken. He does fine around cats and is very playful around other dogs.

T.J. has a very sweet personality and just wants to sit next to his humans. He does like to talk quietly to you when he wants something. And, if allowed to, will sleep in bed next to his owner. He does not shed and smells very sweet. Since he has been left alone a lot, he does stress when he sees you leave him. He breathes fast and barks, so he needs to be around people. Someone who is home most of the time would be ideal.

If you are interested in TJ, please contact Donna at . Donna is working with LIFE Animal Haven to find TJ a home, so you may also contact them at

Please note that if you are interested in TJ, you will be dealing directly with Donna and/or LIFE Animal Haven. We won't be involved in the arrangements that you make, as TJ is not in our rescue program, and we have neither seen nor evaluated him.

Posted 11/13/02
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