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ollie Ollie is a wonderful silky boy. As you can see from the pictures, he is really cute! He is a little large for a silky at 15 lbs, but he's solid and well proportioned, not fat at all. He has a nice silky coat. Ollie is about 5 years old, neutered, up to date on his shots. He is on heartworm prevention. I'm planning to have him microchipped before he is placed.

This is a silky with a very nice temperament. He is friendly and affectionate. He likes to give kisses and sit next to you or on your lap. When I'm on the computer, he is usually resting in the doggie bed under my desk. He seems to have a very soft and loving temperament. I've seen absolutely no indication of any aggressive behavior (even when I trimmed his nails yesterday!)

Ollie gets along fine with the other silkys here in his foster home. He seems to be pretty non-dominant and accepts that the permanent dogs in the house want to make sure he knows his place. There was a cat in his previous home and he had no problems getting along with her...he enjoyed playing with her. He loves to go for a walk...he gets very excited when he sees the leashes coming out.

I think he's a very smart silky. He seems very willing and eager to please and seems to be very responsive to training. I have noticed some changes already in the week that he's been with me. Ollie will sit on command (usually) and for a treat or for his dinner.

Ollie was taken to a shelter by his owner of two years because of housetraining problems. Apparently he had the run of the house all day while his owner was at work... He does need some work in this area, but I have not found housetraining to be a big problem. Here, he stays in his crate when no one is home and pottying in his crate has not been a problem. He did a bit of marking when he first arrived but this behavior is disappearing (and we have him using a belly band so we can keep close tabs on it).

Posted 2/23/02
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