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odie My name is Odie and my vet said I'm between 3 and 5 years old....that makes me 4 years old. As you can see, I lost my left eye due to nerve damage and because the eye couldn't make tears anymore, my eye got dry and caused an ulcer. It hurt! My vet even took me to an eye vet. They tried for many days to get my eye to make tears with a new medication but it didn't work and they decided I would be better off without the constant problem of getting an ulcerated eye. I can do anything and see very well with my one eye. That's all I need to find my ball and play with it. That's one of my favorite activities...that and riding in a car and taking walks with my friend, Charlie.
My foster mom keeps telling me I'm a love bug....and I thought I was a silky???? I've learned to sit for my treats...Charlie taught me that. I go in my crate to sleep at night and never fuss. I'm doggie door trained and have wonderful house manners. On my walks I am learning to not pay attention to other dogs in the neighborhood....it's hard. I'm easy going but would be happiest being an only one or maybe one small dog like me for a buddy. odie
odie Because Odie has only one eye, his foster mom won't accept applications from people with children under 12. Odie is neutered and up to date on his shots.

We are looking for a wonderful, forever home for Odie. He is in southern California at this time. Odie's new family will be expected to sign a contract agreeing to provide proper care for him, and there will be an adoption fee or donation of $150.

If you have room in your home and heart for Odie, please fill out an application and mention his name. The application is on-line at https://silkyrescue.tripod.com/appform.htm. If you have already filled out an application, it is not necessary to re-do it...just email Marge at anahab@ridgenet.net and let her know you are interested in Odie.
Posted 12/10/02
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