Jake ~ in Southern California

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jake Jake is a handsome 6 year old boy seeking a permanent new home. When his owner became too ill to care for him, Jake was handed around to various caretakers, leaving Jake without a firm sense of his place in the world.

He is neutered, has had all his shots and he has just had his teeth cleaned. His coat has been clipped short, but it will grow back soon to proper Silky length. He's a very healthy and active boy, given to bursts of energy to pounce on his toys after long, quiet naps.

Jake was never taught the doggie basics of sit, down, come, etc. and his foster mom has begun his elementary education. He learns fast, especially if there is a treat involved! He has also learned to sleep quietly in a crate and to get off furniture when told in only a couple of days. He walks nicely on a lead. Since he has lived without clear rules for a while, Jake's new owner must continue his training and be gently consistent to help him live up to expectations. Jake's new owner can expect lots of dog kisses and to have Jake near-by no matter what room she's in! jake
jake Jake is perfectly housetrained. He has had no accidents either in his rescue house or his foster home. His foster mom reports that Jake is a climber, so his fenced yard must also have nothing that he can use to climb over the wall. He gets along with other dogs. We don't know how he would react to a cat, but I suspect that he would probably want to chase it!
Jake's ideal family would probably be a one-person household, most likely a woman. He has been suspicious of men and is not a suitable dog for a home with children. His new owner will be asked to donate to the Silky Terrier Rescue fund and to sign a contract agreeing to provide proper care for Jake. If you are interested in providing a home for Jake, please fill out the application form at https://silkyrescue.tripod.com/appform.htm. If you have already filled out the application, it is not necessary to do another one...just email SilkyRescue@Yahoo.com and let us know you are interested in Jake. jake
Posted 12/13/00
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