Marci and Tami, in Idaho

Looking for Homes

Marci and Tami are two silky ladies who were rescued from a puppy mill situation by a rescue group that usually only works with sled dogs. The rescuers think Tami is about 7-8 pounds and Marcie around 6-7 lbs. The rescuers estimate these girls' ages to be about 5 years old. They were living in little 3 x 4 pens until they were rescued. They have been around the rescuer's nieces, age 10 and 11 and have done fine with them.

These silky ladies have probably never lived in a house and they are not housetrained at this time. They will need to go to homes where their people will be willing to work with them patiently to teach them all of the things they need to know in their new homes. It is not necessary for them to be placed together.

They are up to date on their vaccinations and they will be spayed before placement. There will be an adoption fee of $150 for either Marcie or Tami.

If you are interested in adopting Marcie or Tami, contact Heather at

Please note that if you are interested in Marci or Tami you will be dealing directly with the Believe In Me Again rescue program. We won't be involved in any arrangements that you make, as these silkys are not in our rescue program, and we have neither seen nor evaluated them.

Posted 8/13/01
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