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Hamilton with one of his favorite toys.
Hamilton is a wonderful five year old silky boy. He is neutered, heartworm negative, and up to date on his shots. He was dropped off at a shelter because his family was moving and the "man" of the house didn't want a dog anymore.

This boy is quite a little character. He is happy and playful and loves people. He likes to stay right near his person and enjoys petting and tummy rubs. He gets along quite well with the other silkys in the house, and he gets along well with cats, too (according to the owner and also the shelter folks). His former owner said he loves kids, but we haven't had a chance to observe him with children yet.

Hamilton likes to play with balls...he will fetch a tennis ball a few times, then he likes to push it around with his nose and paws and chase it himself. He loves to go for walks and gets very excited when he sees the leashes come out. He would love to chase the ducks and bunnies, but he's on leash so he has to be content with barking at them instead.

He is almost completely housetrained. We keep him in a large bathroom while at work, and there have been no problems with leaving him alone up to 4 or 5 hours. He does not seem to have any destructive or chewing habits. He knows "sit", but that seems to be about all...however we think he's a pretty smart fellow as he has picked up the routine in his foster home very quickly and seems to be learning some new commands.

What an adorable face!
hamilton, moosie, & toto
Hamilton with his two silky foster brothers.
Hamilton is a very cute fellow. At this time, he is quite overweight...he weighs in at 22 lbs. However, his length and height are about average for a silky, so we think he has at least 5 to 7 lbs (or maybe a bit more) to lose. Because of his size, he does move a little slower and have a little less stamina, but he's still quite active. He also had an injury to his right eye when he was a pup (he was bitten by a big dog), and as a result his right eye is smaller than the left eye. He is not able to see out of his right eye, but this doesn't seem to cause him a bit of trouble.
We think that his former family didn't groom him or brush him very often...his coat was extremely matted when we got him and we are slowly working on that. Some areas may have to be shaved, though. Since he isn't used to it, it's somewhat difficult to groom him. His new family will need to work on this with him slowly and gently, and may want to use a professional groomer for things like nail trimming. He'll have a beautiful silky coat, though, when it's properly cared for.

Hamilton also needs a home where he will be able to have a healthy life style...a reasonable amount of good quality dog food, no feeding from the table, a small amount of healthy treats (he loves those baby carrots!), and exercise. His vet thinks his overweight is simply due to over-feeding, and he needs a home where he can get into good silky shape.

7/12/01 An adoption is pending for Hamilton.

Posted 6/27/01
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