Ginger ~ in Missourt

Looking for a Home


Ginger is being fostered and placed by Yorkshire Terrier Mid-America Rescue (YTMAR). Although she is listed as a Yorkie, one of our rescue people who has met her says she is "far more Silky than Yorkie in size, proportions, type and temperament". Ginger is a wonderful 8 year old Yorkie that has severe allergies. She is under treatment and doing well. She is a very 'kind' doggie, loves to be held and talked to, is housetrained, and would do well with older children. We hope someone will give this little 9 lb. girl a chance at real love.

If you are interested in Ginger, please click on this link to visit the YTMAR web site. Click on "Adopt App" to apply to adopt this precious girl.

Please note that if you are interested in Ginger, you will be dealing with YTMAR. We won't be involved in the arrangements that you make, as Ginger is not in our rescue program, and we have neither seen nor evaluated her.

Posted 9/12/02
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