Georgie ~ in New Jersey

Looking for a new Home.

Georgie is an adorable silky terrier who is currently living in Eatontown, New Jersey, which is in central New Jersey, near the shore. His family is very sorry to give him up, but because of a change in their circumstances, they must find a new home for Georgie.

Here's what Georgie's owner, Wendy, says about him....."Georgie is a 6 year old Silky. We have had the pleasure of having him since he was 8 weeks old. He is a very sweet and lovable little guy. He loves sitting on anyones lap and is always where the action is. We have 2 cats also that he gets along with very well. Although, he does like to chase them from time to time to keep them in line. At least he thinks he's keeping them in line!"

According to Wendy, "On Georgie's left back foot he only has one toe. He does hold that leg up sometimes just walking around, but that never slows him down when he's chasing the squirrels out of the yard. He has actually caught a few things out there, but that's just the terrier in him. He gets along with other dogs that play nice, as he has a few doogie friends that he enjoys seeing." "Georgie is very well house broken, but hates going out in the rain and may have an accident. He is not crate trained, but can be confined to a room with no fuss. He is used to someone being home alot (as in not a 9-5 person who is gone all day). He has always had other animals in the house for company."

Wendy says that "Georgie has a wonderful personality and it breaks our hearts to have to find him a new home."

Georgie is up to date on his shots and he is neutered.

If you are interested in Georgie, please contact Wendy at Wendy is looking for a wonderful home for Georgie and she will expect to check references before placing him. She strongly prefers to place him locally so that she can personally meet his new family and make sure it is a good match. For Georgie's protection, this is not a "free to a good home" situation...Wendy will be asking for a moderate payment for him.

Please note that if you are interested in Georgie you will be dealing directly with the owner and we won't be involved in any arrangements that you make with her, as Georgie is not in our rescue program or any other rescue program, and we have neither seen nor evaluated him.

Posted 2/3/01
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