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Looking for a Home

dozer Dozer is an adorable silky boy who has just turned one year old. He is currently staying with foster mom Marie, in the Boston, MA, area. Dozer was given up by his first family because they were having difficulty with housetraining. He was placed with a couple who found him too rambunctious, so he is back with us, looking for a home. He has not been having any problems with his housetraining. And yes, he is a bit rambunctious, but he's a silky terrier puppy, and that's how he's supposed to be!
Dozer is very loving and affectionate with people ~ his foster mom says "he's a kisser!". His former owner says that he got along very well with the children in the family. There are several other dogs at his foster home and Dozer gets along well with them. We don't know whether or not he likes cats. He just loves to run in the large fenced yard at his foster home. dozer
dozer Dozer has no problem staying in the crate when his people are away from home, and has kept his crate clean for up to four or five hours at a time. He sleeps in the crate at night - he sleeps all night and keeps the crate clean then, too.

This little guy needs some training, but he's a smart fellow and very responsive to people, so we think he will do very well with a consistent and positive approach, and he needs a home where the people will love him and give him lots of attention.

Dozer is such a nice boy that his foster mom says she'd keep him if she didn't already have as many dogs as her town allows. Dozer is neutered and up to date on his vaccinations. He tested negative for heartworm and is now on heartworm prevention.

We have received many wonderful applications to adopt Dozer. Although he has not been adopted yet (as of Nov. 5), we expect to settle on a new home for him very soon, so we are not accepting any more applications for Dozer at this time.

Posted 10/11/00
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