CC ~ in South Florida

Looking for a Home

CC is a 4 year old silky girl. She is spayed, up to date on her shots, and on heartworm prevention. She weighs about 10 lbs.

This adorable little girl is housebroken and not destructive. She can be very sweet and affectionate. However, CC has bitten and her aggression seems to be primarily directed toward women. She also tends to be food aggressive. Consequently, CC needs a special home where her training will continue, and where her tendency toward aggressive behavior will be carefully managed.

CC has been living with a trainer for the past year and has made some improvements. For example, she has learned to tolerate, even like, brushing and grooming. Her overall health is excellent and she is on a small dose of amytriptylene (generic elavil) daily. (This is a relatively inexpensive prescription.)

CC is now living with 5 other dogs and gets along with them just fine. She gets along great with dogs, but must go to a home with no "little critters" like cats or bunnies or guinea pigs, etc. In addition, for obvious reasons, she must go to a home with no children.

CC's trainer, Tracy, is looking for a wonderful, forever home for CC. She must go to a home which is within a days drive of her current location in south Florida. For CC's protection, there will be a modest adoption fee.

If you are interested in CC, please contact Tracy at or 954 581-7274.

Please note that if you are interested in CC, you will be dealing directly with Tracy. We won't be involved in any arrangements that you make, as CC is not in our rescue program, and we have neither seen nor evaluated her.

Posted 5/6/02
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