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Looking for a Home

Hello Everyone, My name is Buddy and I am one and a half years old. I weigh 12 pounds. I have been neutered and am up to date on all my shots. I recently got my microchip implanted. Ouch! But well worth it cause I tend to be anxious when left alone and can get out of some of the weirdest places. My foster mom says that I should have been a greyhound for as fast as I can run. I run on the 16 acres here but I am supervised and I canít tell you what a happy Silky I am.

I would love for someone to adopt me and give me a forever home. Maybe someone who is home most of the time. Remember, I get a little anxious. I fall in love quickly and usually with just one person. I donít think that is a bad thing do you? I sleep at the foot of my foster momís bed, my Silky brother wonít let me up by momís head, yet! I have a big brother here too and we love to wrestle. My foster mom says she heard I like cats but she isnít sure, we donít have one here. I do like kids though, they are so cool, almost as fast as me! I love to go bye bye in the car and I ride well. I walk really good on a leash. I use the doggie dog all the time and that really makes my foster mom happy. It is like we have a party every time I come in from the yard. I DO NOT like my crate. Sorry, but I have to have at least one vice.

I would love to stay in Oregon, I like it here. So my foster mom says a local placement would be preferred. If you are interested in giving me a forever home and in return allowing me to sit on your lap and give you lots of love and silky kisses, PLEASE, fill out an application or contact the STCA Rescue. Thanks for reading about me, Bye for now! Your Buddy

buddy We are looking for a wonderful, forever home for Buddy. He is in a foster home in Oregon at this time and a local placement is strongly preferred. Buddy's new family will be expected to sign a contract agreeing to provide proper care for him, and there will be an adoption fee or donation of $250.

If you have room in your home and heart for Buddy, please fill out an application and mention his name. The application is on-line at https://silkyrescue.tripod.com/appform.htm. If you have already filled out an application, it is not necessary to re-do it...just email Lyda at SilkyRescueApplications@yahoo.com and let her know you are interested in Buddy.

silky terrier club of america rescue program
Posted 4/12/03
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