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buddyBuddy is a sweet 10 year old neutered male with very limited eyesight. He was turned in by his owner because she was moving into an apartment that wouldn't take pets. After he came to us he immediately needed surgery to remove an eye due to glaucoma, and the remaining eye is seriously affected as well. However, with the help of eye drops, his remaining eye is doing very well. We are not certain how much vision he has, though. After observing him for 10 days, I'm pretty convinced that he can see, but just a little bit.

Buddy is very calm and has a nice temperament. He doesn't bark much (especially compared to my other silkys!) He is a really cute little guy. He has the cutest ears...they stand up, but the tips flop over a little, so they bob up and down when he walks. His coat is a pretty light silver and tan. He weighs about 11 lbs.

Buddy is crate trained. He is partially housebroken. I believe he was completely housetrained in the past but with all of the stress he has been going through, he is having some accidents. He stays in a smallish bathroom when no one is home, and has had no accidents there, but will go on a pee pad occasionally. I think he's more anxious when he has the run of the rest of the house and becomes confused. We are working on this and he's making progress. Buddy gets along with other dogs. He probably needs to be crated while eating (and when the other dogs are eating because he may blunder into them, something that many dogs don't take kindly.) Because of his condition it would be best if he weren't kept with rambunctious dogs or small children. buddy
buddyThe medications he uses are relatively expensive and Rescue is trying to find an outlet to get them at cost. About $50 a month from a regular vet would surely cover the cost, and Rescue may be able to help with those expenses - as for follow-up visits, nothing more than occasional pressure checks on the remaining eye would be required from a regular vet. All of the major vet expenses have been taken care of by Rescue. It is easy to give him the eyedrops - he is very cooperative. He needs a total of 5 drops each day.
Buddy is working on figuring out how to get around at his new foster home. He's doing very well after only about 10 days. As he settles in, he is looking happier, waggling his tail more and more. Buddy doesn't seem to be very interested in toys, but he enjoys gnawing on a flavored bone. He sleeps on a doggie bed and is quiet through the night. He loves to go out for a walk and he especially enjoys a nice tummy rub! He'll sit on your lap forever if he's getting petted or getting his tummy rubbed. He's just a very sweet, lovable boy who needs a home with people that will help him learn his way around and be understanding if he gets confused while he's learning. Buddy needs a lap and some love since his eyesight has so severely reduced his world. We think he can see some light and dark, but he will feel the love and he has plenty to give.

Buddy is neutered, up to date on his shots, and on heartworm prevention. Other than his vision problem, his health seems good.

We are looking for a wonderful, forever home for Buddy. He needs a home where his people will be patient with him and help him adjust to his surroundings. He is in a foster home in northwest Indiana (near Chicago) at this time. Preference will be given to local applicants. However, long-distance applicants may be considered if they are willing to come and get Buddy. I will not ship him under any circumstances. Buddy's new family will be expected to sign a contract agreeing to provide proper care for him, and there will be a small adoption fee or donation which will go directly toward the cost of Buddy's medication.

If you have room in your home and heart for Buddy, please fill out an application and mention his name. The application is on-line at https://silkyrescue.tripod.com/appform.htm. If you have already filled out an application, it is not necessary to re-do it...just email Cheryl at SilkyRescueCM@yahoo.com and let her know you are interested in Buddy.

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Posted 3/23/03, updated 4/3/03
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