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blossom Blossom is a sweet little girl, estimated to be about 6 1/2 years old. She spent her first 5 years in a cage in a puppy mill, where she was bred repeatedly. She was purchased at an auction, but the woman who bought her was elderly and unable to take care of Blossom and her other dogs. Blossom was sold as a Yorkie, but she does appear to be a silky, judging from her picture.
Blossom was rescued by the Heartland Humane Society in Missouri, near St. Louis. Here's what they say about Blossom..."Very cute and sweet. Blossom was a breeder in a puppy mill for 5 1/2 yrs. She was confined to a crate continously to eat, drink, breed, defecate, mate and nurse her puppies. Not a pretty life, but legal in Missouri. As a result, Blossom was never housetrained or socialized with people. Never aggessive, just shy with strangers. She has made great progress and has so much to offer. She loves other dogs and cats. Our hope is that housetraining could be improved in a home with fewer dogs. Blossom has been spayed, up to date on her shots and has been microchipped."

I spoke with Blossom's foster mom, Karen and she says that she would like to find a home for Blossom with someone who will work with her on her housetraining. Although she gets along well with other pets, a home with no other animals, or maybe just one or two would be best. Karen thinks that a home with either no children or older children only would be best. She will ONLY consider a home that is within about a 4 hour drive.

If you are interested in Blossom, contact her foster mom, Karen, at 636-366-9196.

Please note that if you are interested in Blossom you will be dealing directly with the Heartland Humane Society through Karen, Blossom's foster mom. We won't be involved in any arrangements that you make, as Blossom is not in our rescue program, and we have neither seen nor evaluated her.

Posted 3/29/01
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