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Beau's caretaker writes, "We are currently taking care of an older, neutered, male Silky Terrier named "Beau." Beau was badly bitten by another dog in early July 2002 at his former home. Beau, having been the aggressor in the fight, could not be returned to the home where the incident occurred. Since the incident Beau has physically healed and is back to his usual friendly self (as far as humans are concerned). However, he does not get along at all with other dogs. We are unable to maintain him much longer in our home as there is another dog in the house. We took him in to provide a short-term solution because Beau could not be returned to his old home where future fights could not be avoided."

"Beau was born in July of 1987 and is an American Kennel Club registered descendant of show dogs. He is very handsome, playful and lively and often mistaken for a puppy, even though he is now 15 years old. He is black and tan, weighs around 11 lbs, and has fairly long hair. He does not shed much and the breed is known as one that will generally not aggravate allergies in humans. Beau has always been taken to the Colony Park Animal Hospital in Durham NC for health care and is up-to-date on all of his vaccinations. Even though his hearing is somewhat diminished and his eyes are showing incipient signs of cataracts Beau is in excellent health for his age and loves to go on short walks."

"Unfortunately Beau has become intolerant towards other dogs and consequently should live out his life in a home where he will be able to get a lot of love and attention without feeling the need to compete with other dogs. He would be perfect for an older person looking for a small, friendly, companion."

If you are interested in Beau, please contact Mrs. Friderun Simons at or (919) 309-1601. Please note that if you are interested in Beau, you will be dealing directly with Mrs. Simmons. We won't be involved in the arrangements that you make, as Beau is not in our rescue program, and we have neither seen nor evaluated him.

Posted 8/20/02
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