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Austin is a young, neutered male silky. Susan, his rescuer, says he's less than two years old. He is up to date on all shots & microchipped, and according to Susan, very handsome, with a silver top knot. Austin is extremely playful, retrieves toys, etc, he walks wonderfully on leash and is good in the car. He sleeps in his crate at night. He is housetrained when Susan is home to let him out, otherwise he goes on papers. He gets along great with other resident dogs & cats (he does enjoy chasing the cats, but they ignore him & he fizzles out). Austin has been good around older children –he loves being patted-- but was nippy with a three year old who started to come at him fast.

Austin was found in a bad neighborhood in Hartford, CT being attacked by two big dogs. At first, he was identified as a Yorkie and went to Yorkie rescue because the woman who found him couldn't keep him because he bit her mother. He bit the Yorkie rescuer once as well, but all the biting was within a week of being found and according to Susan, this seems to have been a post-traumatic response to being lost, attacked, etc. Each time he bit was due to his paws being touched. Susan says, "I have had him for almost a month and he has been consistently sweet, with no outbursts of aggression except for an initial negative response (growling & snarling) when I closed him in his crate for the first time. He loves his crate and sleeps in there voluntarily, but the first night when I closed the door he got upset. Since then I put in a food treat and then close the door and we have had no further problems. He's a wonderful, smart little dog and will make a faithful companion to someone--he's been my shadow around the house. I run him in a sanctuary with my dogs, off leash, and he is well-behaved and comes when called. He will really blossom if taken to dog training classes."

For more info on Austin, please e-mail Susan at or call her at 413-367-0350. She will return all inquiries. Austin is currently located in Western Massachusetts, an hour north of Springfield. Because there is an embargo on shipping dogs at this time, the adopter will have to come to get Austin.

Posted 6/30/00
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