Abby ~ in Northern California

Looking for a Home

abby A very nice woman who just happens to own a doggie "grooming and boarding spa and resort" found this little girl running along the roadside in Fresno, CA. She picked her up, took her in, and tried to find her owners with no luck. She took the dog to the vets, groomed her up, and turned her over to STCA rescue for rehoming. We are very greatful to this lady for taking this wonderful girl in before something terrible happened to her.

Abby is approx 1-2 years old, and is just a lovely girl. She has a wonderful personality, gets along well with cats and kids, and is ok with other dogs. Abby is definately an alpha female, so would need to be an only dog or in a home with a submissive doggie friend. She will challenge bigger dogs, so needs to be with dogs her own size or smaller.

Abby is a big girl, about 14 pounds and tall for a silky. She is clipped down right now, but will have a lovely silvery-blue and tan coat when grown out. She has flop ears, and her tail is docked. Abby is current on all vaccinations and is spayed, and waiting for her forever home.

I think she is potty trained, but needs to be asked if she needs to go out, won't tell you she has to go. She does potty on command, is leash trained, and LOVES to go for walks. Abbey is a runner, so must be kept leashed when outside or in a securely fenced yard. She is spayed and she is current on all vaccinations.
abby Adoption is pending for Abby!
Posted 1/3/02, updated 1/24/02
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