George~ in Oregon

Looking for a Home

My name is George, I'm four years old and waiting for the right home. Right now I'm staying with a lady who has another dog named Miles. This lady SAYS she loves me as much as Miles, she even takes turns petting us: My head, his head, my head, his head.

But, I think it's wrong for people to have two dogs. As a matter of fact, I should be the ONLY pet in the house, then I wouldn't have to worry about my territory, it makes me nervous, I was house trained when I first got here, but lately I've been so worried about Miles, I've been peeing a bit here and there, just to let Miles know I'm more important than he is. If I was the only pet, I wouldn't have to mark things.

I love all people, the groomer says I'm the sweetest, most cooperative dog she's ever met, I'm a people pers--er, dog. I need a person or people who only want me, and nobody else. When I go to the dog park, or for walks, I like other dogs, because they don't love my human, and they don't live in my house. If you don't have any pets, and you want just one George, let me know.

George's rescuer would prefer a local placement in the Portland Oregon or Seattle Washington area's.

If you are interested in George please contact Jennifer directly at

Please note that you will be dealing with George's rescuer directly and not STCA Rescue. We have neither seen nor evaluated this dog and will not be involved with any arrangements made regarding his adoption.

silky terrier club of america rescue program
Posted 6/21/04
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