Cricket ~ in Southern California

Looking for a Home

cricket Well, here I am on a silky rescue embarrassing! I'm a Yorkie....100%. I was found wandering the streets and someone found me and took me to the shelter. I wasn't in very good shape and the head of the shelter was going to have to put me to sleep but she called my foster mom and my foster mom came to see me. What a surprise to her that I wasn't a silky....she took me anyways and Silky Rescue's wonderful vet got me healthy, again.
I wasn't spayed (but now I am) and I had tumors (but now they're gone) and my teeth were very bad (and now most of them are gone too!). Since I don't have many teeth, my tongue falls out of my mouth. Makes me extra cute, don't you think? I have a trachea that collapses so I'm on medicine 2-3 times a day and now I don't have any more problems with coughing.

I like other dogs and cats and get along with everyone........even though I think of myself as a princess. I use the doggie door and sleep in a crate but I'd rather cuddle in bed. I'm a lap dog, at heart, and love to lie on my foster dad's lap. I'm about 8 years old and in very good health since visiting my favorite vet.

cricket We are looking for a wonderful, forever home for Cricket. She is in a foster home in southern California at this time. Preference will be given to local applicants. Cricket's new family will be expected to sign a contract agreeing to provide proper care for her, and there will be an adoption fee or donation of $150.

If you have room in your home and heart for Cricket, please fill out an application and mention her name. The application is on-line at If you have already filled out an application, it is not necessary to re-do it...just email Lyda at Silky and let her know you are interested in Cricket (please include your name and state so we can find your application in our files).

silky terrier club of america rescue program
Posted 11/29/03
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