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Appy Hi all! I'm Appy, and here I am after being on a Nutrisystem diet.....actually, a green bean diet. I was a waddling 20 lb., 7 1/2 year old young lady who could hardly walk. I'm now 14 lbs. and a bouncy young lady. I'm enjoying life and having fun. I still have to watch my diet but I feel so much better. I'm very healthy but I am allergic to food that comes from feathered animals so I avoid eggs, chicken, etc. because it makes me itch and that's no fun. I need to be in a home that doesn't have animals that are free fed because I could eat their food and itch, itch, itch.

I use a doggie door and I am reasonably house trained but if the doggie door is closed I sometimes have an oops. I like to bark at the wild rabbits but my foster mom tells me that they're our friends and that I shouldn't bark at them. I'm trying to remember not to but when they dart around I can't help myself.

I don't sleep in a crate but I probably would if I had to. I eat in a crate and I can clean my plate faster than any of my silky friends. I'm the champion!

I get along with other silkys but sometimes I try to be pushy and then I'm put in my place. I'd like a home where I could be the official greeter as I like to greet every visitor. I'm not sure about little children so I will have to go to a home without little ones in residence or who visit often.

It would be nice to have a person who likes to take walks because I could take walks with them and this would help me to keep my girlish figure.

Appy Appy's new family will be expected to sign a contract agreeing to take proper care of her. Her adoption fee/donation will be $250. Preference will be given to applicants within the surrounding area. Please note that we do not ship our rescues.

If you are interested in Appy, please fill out an application and mention her name. The application is on-line at If you have already filled out an application, it is not necessary to re-do it...just email us at and let us know you are interested in Appy (please include your name and state so we can find your application in our files). You may also email her foster mom at if you have any questions about Appy.

silky terrier club of america rescue program
Posted 5/16/07
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