Keeley ~ in San Diego, CA

Looking for a Home

Keeley is a 7 year old Silky Terrier looking for her forever home where she can play and snuggle with her new humans. She LOVES playing with her toys but will settle down nicely when the humans are watching TV. She came from a house with four small dogs where she was alpha. She really enjoys the company of other dogs, as long as she gets to be boss. Keeley does not like to be left completely alone. She will scratch at the door even if you're just in the next room so a family that has lots of time for her is essential. We think she may be less dependent if there are other dogs to play with, but as her foster home doesn't have other dogs, we're not sure. There haven't been any problems with guarding food, but Keeley will need humans that are consistent in training and know how to retain the upper hand (as it is with most terrier breeds).
Households with children under the age of 10 are not recommended. Sometimes she jumps or cowers if you move too quickly to pet her, so we think she may have suffered some abuse, but overall she seems to be a happy dog. She doesn't do well on car rides at all, so she isn't a good candidate for a therapy dog. She's very patient when you bathe her. She must have had a doggie door at her former home because she doesn't give too many signals when she needs to go outside, but we're working on that. We're still waiting for medical information from the vet, but Keeley appears to be a healthy dog.
Since this is a courtesy listing, if you are interested in Keeley, please note that you will be dealing directly with her current owners and not with STCA Rescue. We have neither seen nor evaluated this dog and will not be involved with any arrangements made regarding her adoption. Applications will be taken via email, and interviews and a home inspection will be required. Contact Tracy at or 760-428-8853.
Posted 5/7/12
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