Dominic ~ in Southern California

Looking for a Home

Dominic My name is Dominic. When my owner died, somebody took me to a shelter and left me there. I was anxious and scared and didnít know what I had done wrong. Friends of Silky Rescue got me out of there and into safe hands. Since then, I have been staying with my foster Mom and foster Dad. Sometimes I still feel upset and nervous, especially when they go out of the house and donít take me. Then I cry and bark to tell them to come back. I donít want to be left alone again.
My foster Mom is okay, but I REALLY like foster Dad! I snuggle up to him every chance I get. I go outside with him and I always come running when he calls me. I like the other dogs here and if there was a cat, I would probably like that too. I only want a safe home where people will stay with me and let me be close to them. I need a forever home.

Dominic is an apparently healthy, handsome, 8 or 9 year old neutered male. He is house trained, but will occasionally mark in the house if another dog has been there. He knows that he is to relieve himself when he is taken outside. He can sleep in a crate, but the crate has to be in the bedroom. Sleeping on the bed with you is much better! He is up to date on shots and has had a his teeth cleaned and his hair trimmed. He rides quietly in the car. Somebody taught him to sit up and beg for a cookie- very cute!

Dominic Dominic's new family will be expected to sign a contract agreeing to provide proper care for him. His adoption fee is $150.00. Local applicants will be given preference.

If you are interested in Dominic, please fill out an application and mention his name. The application is on-line at If you have already filled out an application, it is not necessary to re-do it...just email us at and let us know you are interested in Dominic (please include your name and state so we can find your application in our files).

Silky Terrier Rescue Charitable Trust
Posted 9/30/09
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