Daisy ~ in Northern California

Looking for a Home

Magical...that's what my persons sometimes call me. But these days I'm not feeling very magical because I'm so sad. My name is Daisy, by the way, and the reason for my sadness is my Mom needs to sell our house and move because Dad is now in memory care. And there is always stuff going on that makes me nervous, like lots of folks in my house, and packing, and traveling to the Bay Area to visit people who have little ones and cats and no fences. Daisy
Daisy That makes me scared because I have had to move lots of times in my life so far. I have lived already with five different families, so traveling makes me very nervous. Mom is not home very much anymore, so I get so lonely. That's why I'm looking this time for a home where my people can be home with me lots, and not have to leave me alone. Mom wants to keep me, but knows she can't be home to give me company like I need and she wants me to be happy and have a good life.

I can tell you a little bit about me...and my likes and dislikes. I'm a Silky Terrier, kinda big for my breed. I weigh about 16 lbs and have drop ears and a very cute face with pretty brown eyes. I have included a few pictures so you can see how silky and perky I am. I think I am about 8 or 9 years old. I'm a little bit scared of very small children, but I love adults and the older kids. Not too crazy about cats. I can handle other dogs once I get to know them. They're kind of fun to hang out with if they aren't too into themselves that they get all the attention...'cause I like attention too! Daisy
Daisy I am a good eater, and am house trained. I do need a doggy door or someone to let me out when I go to the door to ask. I do like people to wait for me at the door when it's raining since my Mom thinks I may have been forgotten a few times in the past and have gotten soaked in the rain waiting to come back in! I love to have my people with me!
I have a little bed that comes with me that I like to sleep in. I do love going for walks, but they have to be short now since I have a sore left rear knee. I have to take Rimadyl twice a day to keep it from getting too inflamed. If I forget to take my meds, I get so sore I start limping, so I always have to remember with breakfast and dinner to take my little pill. It tastes good so I don't mind. By the way, all my shots are up to date, and I'm basically a pretty healthy girl except for my bum knee!

I'm hoping you'll pick me to come home with you. Then I'll be magical again...and happy...and fresh as a new daisy...your Daisy! My email address is sjohansen@starstream.net, and I live in the Sun City, Lincoln Hills area. There will be an adoption fee of $150 for me...but I'm worth it!

If you are interested in Daisy, please note that you will be dealing directly with her current owners and not with STCA Rescue. We have neither seen nor evaluated this dog and will not be involved with any arrangements made regarding her adoption.

Posted 3/3/08
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