A Rescue Story

Before Charlie arrived in his forever home, he started out as a surfing Silky in Huntington Beach. In his first family, he was one of many children and animals, always looking for attention but not always finding it. Charlie
Charlie Once he arrived in his forever home, he found all the attention and love he ever wanted. He now splits his time between homes in San Francisco and San Luis Obispo, California. He loves following his older brother Spike, another rescued Silky, all over the house.
Charlie is a great traveler in the car and enjoys "talking" to the cows and horses on the other side of the fence at home. Charlie
Charlie He never hesitates to make his presence known, using his trusty right paw to "tap" on your arm or leg for attention. He will never pass up a chance to curl up next to you and loves the comfort of a couple blankets. He is the "social butterfly" who enjoys going to the groomer, the airport, anywhere he can introduce himself and meet others of either the two or four-legged kind.
We are so lucky to have our Charlie (and our Spike!) thanks to the kind and loving people of Silky Terrier Rescue. (Silky Rescue says -- we are so lucky to have wonderful families like Charlie's to give our rescues forever homes!) charlie & spike
Silky Terrier Rescue Charitable Trust
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