A Rescue Story

Hi all you Silky Terrier folks! My name is Bugsey (formerly known as Peanut!), and I have been in my forever home since July 2010! It was quite a trip to get here, but I love it! Bugsey
Bugsey I was taken to a shelter, and a nice lady came and got me out of jail! It was one of the best days ever! She took me to a nice vet, because I have seizures, cleaned me up, and I got to make my very own movie and I became an internet star! That is how my forever mom and dad found me and fell in love with me! They used to have a dog who had seizures, so that didnít make any difference to them.
Boy was the drive to my new home long! Then we stopped, and there was my new family. Dad took me for a walk, and picked me up and it was love at first sight! Mom had TOYS for me, treats, a new bed and my own back yard where I chase balls almost every day! I have a spot on the back of the couch where I can look out the window at what is happening on MY new street. We get to go for walks, and I even get to pick out my own toys at the store. Bugsey
Bugsey Forever homes rock!
Silky Terrier Rescue Charitable Trust
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