Buddy's Story

Update - July 1, 2003:

I'm sorry to report that Buddy was scheduled for surgery to remove his remaining eye today. About a month ago, he had a flare-up of his glaucoma, which seemed to be very uncomfortable for him. A couple of visits to the veterinary ophthalmologist and some changes in his medication brought the situation under control. However, it recently became worse again, and this time the changes in medication did not help, so the decision was made.

Through working with Buddy we have learned some things about glaucoma in dogs. It is much more unstable than glaucoma in humans. Many people with glaucoma are successful in keeping it under control for many years with medications. This is apparently not usually true for dogs. Also, the pressures in dogs get much higher than is usually seen in people. As a result, although for people, glaucoma is usually a silent disease with no pain, in dogs it can be very painful.

We had the goal of helping Buddy keep his very limited sight as long as possible. We hoped it would be longer than this, but we're very glad that he was able to have this time to learn his way around and start to adjust to his new home, where he is doing very well. We're very grateful to the generous people who made it possible for our rescue program to afford to give him this level of care, to give him the best chance for adjustment in his new home. Ultimately, though, with the very limited sight that he had remaining, it was just not enough to justify Buddy having to experience the pain that had recently returned.

We're closing the Buddy fund now, as we have enough funds remaining to cover this last surgery. Once again, a heartfelt thank you to all of the kind and generous people who were so willing to help this lovely little boy.

Update - June 11, 2003:

Buddy is continuing to adjust very well to his new home. He's able to sleep on the bed now, with his people and the other silkys...sounds very cozy! He's learned his way around the house and is moving around pretty freely. He loves to be held and lets his people know when he wants some loving...and they're happy to oblige!

A couple of weeks ago, Buddy's eye condition seemed to deteriorate, and he was experiencing some pain. He had a couple of visits to the veterinary opthalmologist and an adjustment to his medication. The pressure in his eye has come down and he is not having any pain. His new mom continues to think he has some limited vision in his remaining eye. For example, he will put his paw up as he approaches the stairs, even before he is close enough to touch them.

We are very grateful to the friends of Buddy that have been so generous in helping with his medical fund. This has allowed us to provide the best veterinary care to him so that his eye is still functioning (at least a little), and he is free of pain.

buddy We are hoping to raise some funds to help with Buddy's prescription and veterinary bills. The rescue fund has already spent quite a bit of $$$ on his care, and he is going to need ongoing medications and vet services.

Buddy is a sweet 10 year old fellow with very limited eyesight. He was turned in by his owner because she was moving into an apartment that wouldn't take pets. After he came to us he immediately needed surgery to remove an eye due to glaucoma, and the remaining eye is seriously affected as well. However, with the help of eye drops, his remaining eye is doing very well. We are pretty convinced that he does have a little vision in his remaining eye. This is why we are so committed to trying to save his eye. It is the expensive and challenging choice, but we want him to be able to see at least a little for as long as possible.

Buddy has been adopted by a very nice family that was kind enough to take in this little fellow even though he needs a lot of care and help. We would like to help them with his prescription and vet bills. He needs three different eye drop prescriptions, and will have to have the pressure in his eye monitored regularly. buddy
buddyIf you are able to help Buddy with a donation, small or large, we would appreciate it very much. Donations can be made through Pay Pal - click on the link below and mention Buddy's name. Or, you may email me at SilkyRescueCM@yahoo.com and I will give you the address where you can send a check or money order. On Buddy's behalf, thank you!

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Posted 5/8/03
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