Bentley's Story
Sad News -- Updated 8/17/05

bentley, summer 2005
Bentley, July 2005
Dear, sweet Bentley passed away on August 12, 2005. His story was originally posted on this web site in November, 2003...the original story is below. After his terrible start in life, here is how his life changed after his surgery. He was adopted by his foster family. His mom says, "Bentley never fully recovered from his back surgery two years ago, but, when his little back legs worked, he made the best of them - running through the grass making me chase him (Bentley had that selective Silky hearing and chose not to hear me when I called to him). He looked forward to his morning skirmish with our cat who was always too quick for Bentley. Bentley was always so happy to see us when we came home - whether we had left him for hours or just a few minutes. He would engage us by grabbing his hedgehog and running with it - looking back just to see if we were chasing him. But nothing made Bentley happier than when he was sitting next to my husband in his big chair just watching the ball game."

Last week, Bentley became very ill and stopped eating. The vet diagnosed kidney failure. All attempts at treatment failed, and Bentley journeyed to the Rainbow Bridge with his loving family at his side. Bentley will be remembered and missed by the family who took him in and gave him a wonderful home. His family sends their thanks to the many supporters of Silky Terrier Rescue whose generous donations helped to fund the surgery that gave him a new chance at life. We thank Small Dog Rescue and the family that fostered and adopted him for taking in this deserving little fellow and for giving him a loving and caring home for his last years.

Bentley's Story -- November, 2003

bentley Bentley spent six painful and lonely years with his previous owners. Because they traveled frequently, he was boarded at their vet's every month for at least one week and received little socialization, let alone the love and pampering that all dogs deserves.

The lack of attention made potty training next to impossible for Bentley, for which he was severely punished. His owners decided a year ago that his life wasn't worth anything and they brought him to their vet with instructions to put him to sleep. He was only 5 years old at the time.

The owners claimed that Bentley was a biter and had bitten a neighbor and threatened their grandchildren. The vet was somewhat suspicious, as Bentley did not show signs of aggression during his many stays at their boarding facilities, however, recommended putting Bentley on Prozac. Bentley had a negative reaction to the Prozac and the dose was reduced, however, after six months, the owners returned to their vet and stated that Bentley had "pooped" in their kitchen without telling them that he needed to go out and they felt that he was just more "trouble than he is worth". Once again, they requested that Bentley be euthanized.

The vet asked the owner if he had attempted to contact any rescue groups to see if they might be willing to take Bentley, however, the owner replied that he contacted "all of them" and "no one wanted Bentley". It was obvious to the vet that this owner did not care for Bentley and he needed to find another home for him.

A caring vet technician offered to take Bentley home with her and help to find a rescue group that would save him. She contacted Small Dog Rescue and Humane Society and explained Bentley's situation and also mentioned that he had difficulty using his back legs, but when the owners were first questioned about this condition, they claimed that they had found Bentley and he "always had this 'problem'".

Small Dog Rescue and Human Society took Bentley in and placed him in a caring foster home with one of their volunteers. His foster mom was very concerned about his difficulty in walking and brought him to the group's local vet for x-rays, which appeared to indicate that he had a ruptured disk. The vet suggested that he should have further tests with an Orthopedic Surgeon to determine if he could have surgery which would help him to regain full use of his legs.

After reviewing his case with a specialist, the tests showed that Bentley did not have a simple ruptured disk, but two fractures to his spine caused by a severe blow to his back. Considering the situation under which he lived, it was suspected that he may have been likely kicked for having an "accident" in the house - kicked hard enough to fracture his spine which caused compression on his spinal cord. The fracture was not new, but because Bentley did not receive any treatment for this and was forced to suffer alone with this painful fracture, it healed improperly and scar tissue was pressing on his spinal cord.

The surgery would be complicated but, without it, Bentley would almost certainly become completely paralyzed. His foster mom was fortunate enough to have Georgia Veterinary Specialists agree to do the surgery and arranged for financing allowing a monthly payment towards his outstanding bill. This allowed Small Dog Rescue time to try to raise "Bucks for Bentley's back".

The surgery has been done and now Bentley must be confined in to a crate for the next several months. He can only come out three times a day for limited exercise. His progress is slow and there have been some setbacks, but Bentley is a courageous little dog who continues to fight on.

It will be another two months before we will know for sure if Bentley will require more surgery and/or physical therapy in order to fully regain the use of his legs; however seeing how strong this little guy is, his foster mom feels the future is nothing but bright for Bentley.

bentleys surgery
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Posted 11/15/03, updated 8/17/05
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