Andy & Annie

Andy and Annie ~ in Connecticut

Looking for a Home

Andy and Annie are adorable Silkys who are both between 4 and 5 years old. They must be adopted together!!! They have been together from the start, were originally rescued together and are totally in love with one another. They were originally rescued at approx. 1 years old from a neglectful situation, however their rescuer is now very ill and cannot care for the dogs. They are being fostered and cared for until a home is found for both of them - together. They have been cooped up in a crate and they do not need to be in a crate.

Both Andy and Annie have been neutered/spayed, are current on all their shots and in great health. Their vet records are available and can be sent to their new vet.

Their foster mom says they are both very good dogs...happy, friendly, curious, loyal and sweet. Both dogs are extremely well mannered and trained. They are loving and love to cuddle. They were good with the grand kids in their previous home. Andy is very protective of Annie and will bark at big dogs while standing in front of her, however, they are pretty quiet dogs. If someone comes to the door they bark but stop after a minute... then are happy to see the new guests. In no time at all they want attention from the guests. If something makes them nervous... like a big dog coming into the house they leave the room.

They are staying at their foster home with a cat and this is a new experience for them. Annie could care less about the cat - who is much bigger then she is. Andy is more curious about what the cat is doing and has been nose to nose with him. The cat is not as happy about the attention the dogs are getting. So I would say cats would be fine... depending on the cat.

They have a crate which is set up in the bedroom (with the door open) if they want to go in there for security. Last night they slept in their foster parents' bed with the cat! As their foster mom wrote this, Andy and Annie were cuddled up at her feet.

In addition to finding a home together they will need a home where they can be securely fenced in outdoors or walked on a leash.

If you are interested in adopting Annie and Andy, please email Clarice at The adoption fee will be $50 for each dog. Since this is a courtesy listing, if you are interested in Andy and Annie, please note that you will be dealing directly with her current owners and not with STCA Rescue. We have neither seen nor evaluated these dog and will not be involved with any arrangements made regarding their adoption.
Posted 2/17/12
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