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Amy Hi! My name is Amy. I am seven years old…my birthday is December 03, 2001. I started my life out in a small puppymill in Missouri. I don't know how many puppies I had, as they were taken from me when they were very young. In June of 2008, my owner decided that she didn't want me and my relatives anymore so we were turned into a rescue organization. Somehow, Silky Terrier Rescue came to help and I went to live on a farm in Kansas.

When I arrived I was very scared, but I had lots of my old friends around to keep me company. But soon they went to new homes and are now with their forever families. I was sad to see them leave me, but happy that they were finding a loving human to care for and love them.

Joe, my human, has lots of other Silky Terriers and I soon made new friends and found out some of the joys of life. First I had to go to the Doctors (I don't like shots, and they gave me one that made me go to sleep. When I woke up my tummy and teeth hurt, but it was soon forgotten.)

Joe and all the new Silkys taught me how to play in the grass and let the sun shine on my back. Soon I was running and barking at the big dogs just like everyone else. I also learned that cookies are a great treat when I'm being good, which I try to be all the time. I had never learned that you can't go to the bathroom when the feeling hits you. You're not supposed to go in the house. I learned to go out the doggie door…what fun it is to go outside whenever you want to! I sometimes still forget and do my business where I shouldn't, but everyone is very patient with me.

Now, I get to sleep on the bed with Joe and all the rest of the gang. Joe has to help me up and down (he calls it the elevator lift, whatever that is). I like to snuggle in a nice warm bed and dream of someday having a person of my very own. I wouldn't mind sharing them with another pooch or two, but sometimes this bed just gets too full. Although it has taken me a long time, I now can give Joe some puppy kisses and he just laughs and scratches my tummy. I have never walked on a leash but might be willing to try for the right someone. I still get scared of strange things but Joe just holds me and hugs me to his chest and then I feel like everything is ok.

If you have a little extra room and lots of extra love to share with me, I would share my whole heart and soul with you.


Amy's new family will be expected to sign a contract agreeing to take proper care of her. Preference will be given to applicants within the surrounding area. Please note that we do not ship our rescues. Amy's adoption fee will be $200. If you are interested in Amy, please fill out an application and mention her name. The application is on-line at If you have already filled out an application, it is not necessary to re-do it...just email us at and let us know you are interested in Amy (please include your name and state so we can find your application in our files).
Silky Terrier Rescue Charitable Trust
Posted 1/18/09
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