Jack ~ in Northern Virginia


ARE YOU A STAY-AT-HOME FAMILY??? (without children or grandchildren who visit frequently?)

Jack is a 6-1/2 year old neutered Silky that is looking for a stay-at-home family (retired), with experience with small terriers and has a fenced backyard.

Jack has separation anxiety and does not like to be alone, and does not like children. He has not adapted well to a new little human in the home.

Snuggling and watching television on the sofa or big lounge chair are activities he loves. He is sweet, loving, and friendly. Aside from the separation anxiety and not liking kids, he is a good, fun little dog! He is a great companion dog.

Jack needs someone that really loves dogs, understands terrier traits, and has worked with dogs that have separation anxiety and is very patient, kind, and will have the time and energy to devote to him.

His current family got him as a puppy at a very young age. His behavioral issues are not a result of mistreatment but something inherit in him. Aside from all the anxiety, he really is friendly and loves adults. Because he is such a challenging dog, his family fears that he will end up in a home that mistreats him.

His owner say, he loves to play, sleep, go on walks, run outside especially in fenced in backyard where he can chase squirrels and birds, chase a laser in the dark (great to get out his energy), eat treats, and he loves to snuggle up to you with a blanket over top of him. He loves to play fetch with balls and ropes, tug of war -- He has lots of energy and will play as much as you want.

The family has a female Yorkshire Terrier that he gets along with very well but Jack can act nervous around other dogs, especially males, and will be aggressive if they get really close to him. It took him a few weeks to be okay with the Yorkie when she was brought into the house.

An ideal new family for Jack would have a fenced backyard where he can run off A LOT of energy.

Jack is very smart and trainable so someone who would enjoy training him would be great. The training would help focus his energy into something productive.

He'd love to sleep in the bed with his new person at night because he loves to snuggle

Jack is sweet, loving, and friendly. He would be a great companion dog.

Jack has been on several anxiety medications The owners have worked with a vet specializing in behavioral medicine and worked with two in-home trainers. The right home with exercise and an owner that spends lots of time with him and lets him sleep in the bed, may help him avoid medication.

Jack is located is Front Royal VA and you would be dealing directly with the owner.

If you have lots of time, affection, and love to give, please contact Jack's family to find more about him. Please contact Erika at (540) 539-4810 or by email erika.romaine@gmail.com.

Since this is a courtesy listing, if you are interested in Jack, please note that you will be dealing directly with his current owner, not with the Silky Terrier Rescue Charitable Trust. We have neither seen nor evaluated this dog and will not be involved with any arrangements made regarding his adoption.
Silky Terrier Rescue Charitable Trust
Posted 07/15/2017
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